Who are hitachi personal finance?

Hassle-free application through the retailer, referred application (the amount of finance and the item being purchased is expected). We also offer a wide range of simple and competitive wholesale and retail finance solutions for equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors. We provide unsecured personal loans from £1,000 to £25,000, with the ability to tailor the loan to suit your budget. With over 1,500 employees across five sites in the UK and a growing European presence, we are one of the UK’s leading financial services companies.

Personal car hire or personal leasing can offer you a flexible and cost-effective way to finance a new car for a set period of time, which can be easier to manage and doesn’t require you to spend a portion of your money. The European Vendor Solutions (EVS) division offers a range of tailored financing solutions for specialist business assets across Europe. We provide market-leading retail point-of-sale finance and award-winning personal loans, and support the growth of UK businesses with a complete service offering, from asset finance to vehicle solutions. More than nine in ten UK adults would choose extended family or financial security over a partner or spouse when it comes to seeking joy, according to new research.

I tried to pay for a computer through 36 month finance, and not only was I turned down, which is fine, it happens, but it took over a week for them to get back to me after telling me the estimated wait time was 24 hours. Every day, over a million people and businesses across the UK rely on us to provide them with financial solutions that enable them to realise their ambitions.